Hi There

Hey there! I'm Melissa, the creative mind behind Brumbams Creations (pronounced b r UH m - BAMs). Nestled in the cozy Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis, MO, I'm accompanied by my partner and best friend, Michael, along with our oh-so-adorable kitty cats who never miss a chance to oversee my artistic adventures. Beyond my love for art and all things creative, you'll find me indulging in nerdy delights like Star Wars, video games, and board gaming.

My Goal

Art, Perspective, Growth, Joy

At Brumbams Creations, I pour my heart into crafting beautiful, functional art that brings joy and brightens lives. With nature as my muse, I strive to create pieces that celebrate the wonders of the natural world while acknowledging the obstacles we face daily. Through a blend of appreciation, whimsy, and awareness, I hope to uplift and inspire, infusing every creation with a splash of color and a good dose of mindfulness.

Sharing Through Craft

Crafting has always been a passion of mine. From cherished childhood memories of crafting with my dad to now, I find solace and fulfillment in the meditative process of bringing an object to life. It's a journey of self-expression and problem-solving, where every step, from designing artwork to screen printing, allows me to share my creativity.

Creating things that are not only beautiful but also useful brings me immense satisfaction. Rejecting the notion that functionality has to be mundane, I strive to make art that serves a purpose. A towel or bag from me is not just a piece of art, but a companion that can be loved, used, and appreciated. Let's fill our lives with joy and purpose, embracing the beauty of both.

Environmental Focus

As nature inspires me, I feel a deep responsibility to be mindful of our environmental impact. With every decision, I consider how I can lessen my footprint, from eco-friendly printing practices to sustainable packaging. Recognizing that climate change disproportionately affects marginalized communities, I am committed to making a difference and supporting a healthier planet.

Join me in celebrating art, embracing growth, and spreading joy. Together, let's find beauty in the world around us and create a positive impact, one vibrant creation at a time.