The Magic of Screen Printing at Home: Printing with a Screen

The Magic of Screen Printing at Home: Printing with a Screen

Once you've gone through the process of creating a screen, all that's left to do is test it out and marvel in your success (or happy little accident)! 

Printing Process

Follow these tips for printing with a screen:

Have a clear flat surface to print on

Lay the item you’re printing on flat onto the surface 

Line up the image where you’d like to print

Apply a line of ink to one side of your image

Use your squeegee to flood the image: using light pressure cover the entire image with ink. At this point you aren’t trying to push the ink through, just making sure you have coverage everywhere.

Securely hold your screen and apply moderate pressure with your squeegee to push the ink through the screen

Lift up your screen and see how you did!

If you find that your image is too light try applying more pressure as you push the ink through. You could also try a couple passes with the squeegee.

If you find that the image is bleeding through, you may be trying to use too much ink.

If you get a double image try putting a fluffy towel under the item you’re printing on. 
Screen Printing takes a lot of trial and error before you get that perfect print. Don’t get discouraged! 

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