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Anti Ableist Capybara Button

Anti Ableist Capybara Button

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Introducing my handmade 1.25 inch "Anti Ableist Capybara" button – a joyful and powerful statement against society's tendency to prioritize comfort over the health, safety, and autonomy of disabled individuals. Wear this unique button on your clothing, backpack, or tote bag and become an advocate for change.

As an artist, I crafted this button with love and a mission in mind. The cute and delightful capybara juxtaposed with the social message is an intentional choice. This is a message everyone should hear and address, not shying away from it, reminding us to confront the ableism that persists in our world. Through the whimsical charm of this handmade art, I aim to spark conversations and raise a little discomfort.

Wear this "Anti Ableist Capybara" button proudly and inspire others to question societal norms. Spark conversations, challenge biases, and advocate for a more compassionate and equitable future. Stand with me as we make a meaningful difference, one button at a time.

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