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t-rav-osaurus Postcard

t-rav-osaurus Postcard

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Step into a prehistoric foodie adventure with my t-rav-osaurus Postcard! Feast your eyes on the mouthwatering fusion of a T-Rav (toasted ravioli) covered dinosaur, blending St. Louis culinary delight with ancient charm.

Crafted with love and creativity, this 4x6 inch glossy postcard showcases my hand-cut design, making each piece a unique work of art. The whimsical t-rav-osaurus is sure to bring a smile to your face and tickle your taste buds.

Send a taste of St. Louis to your loved ones or keep this delightful dino postcard as a treasured memento. Whether you're a local or a ravioli-loving enthusiast, this card is perfect for sharing your St. Louis pride with a touch of dinosaur nostalgia.

With its glossy finish and vibrant colors, this postcard is a joy to behold. Let the t-rav-osaurus take you on a culinary and imaginative journey, celebrating the best of both worlds in a delightful 4x6 inch package.

So, immerse yourself in this fusion of history and deliciousness. Grab your t-rav-osaurus Postcard and share the love for t-ravs and St. Louis in a truly unique and charming way!
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